What is ChildSafe?

Wherever people travel they become immersed in a new community and what they do and how they behave there impacts upon that community, especially on the children. In countries where the protection of children is not very strong this impact is even greater. The ChildSafe Network works to ensure that this impact is a positive one. It is a global movement protecting children from all forms of abuse, created and powered by Friends International, a leading child focused International NGO and social enterprise at the forefront of work with underprivileged communities in Asia.


Let’s take an example – a tourist confronted by a begging child or a child seller faces a dilemma – should they give them money, should they buy from them? ChildSafe advice is no – Tip 2 from the ‘ChildSafe 7 Tips for Travelers’, a print and online child protection resource, outlines why, and what positive action can be done instead. By giving to them or buying from them, these children will continue being at risk, working on the streets every night facing many abuses, denied an education and a normal childhood. The 7 Tips are designed to educate tourists on how their behavior can impact on the lives of the children they meet, not just for a fleeting moment but it can reverberate down the years and affect their chances of becoming happy, stable, successful adults.

The International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) supports the excellent work of Friends-International and its ChildSafe Network. It encourages its destination members and stakeholders to ensure Quality Tourism by doing their part in terms of protection and education of disadvantaged children – particularly girls. Support from interested parties is welcome.

Join Childsafe and the International Coalition of Tourism Partners

More information on Childsafe: http://www.thinkchildsafe.org/

More information on ICTP: http://www.ictp.travel


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