Celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day On July 18 And Take Action In Your Community

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, July, 2013 – On July 18, Nelson Mandela is turning 95 years old; the day also marks Nelson Mandela International Day. The date was unanimously adopted by the United Nations to inspire individuals to take action and support a charity or serve in their community. As a figurehead for humanitarian rights, on Mandela Day, people everywhere are asked to take responsibility for making the world a better place. GoVoluntouring has put together a list of volunteer opportunities where people can contribute to the global movement.


Work with Women’s Rights in Bolivia: http://ow.ly/mZ6q6


In this very interesting project, it has been identified that in issues of women’s rights, that working with the women alone is not sufficient. Issues and rights related to reproductive health are formed at family, socio-cultural, economic and political levels. The role of the volunteer is to work alongside staff to organize workshops to communicate the laws and the rights of women in the underprivileged neighborhoods and in schools – especially in those related to domestic violence, the right to vote, and participate in political influence.


Help Promote Literacy in the Philippines: http://ow.ly/mZ6wy


Volunteers provide assistance to disadvantaged socio-economic groups on the idyllic island community of Romblon, focusing on promoting literacy and general library duties. As a volunteer in the Philippines, you can provide love, affection and education to local children and support to the wider community. Volunteers will help to improve education and facilities in libraries ensuring children learn and flourish. They will also provide education, promote the importance of books and reading, inter-cultural exchange and understanding in Filipino communities.


Create Sustainable Change in Kenya: http://ow.ly/mZ6RU


The founders of One Horizon believe that people with the will can make a difference to the lives of less fortunate communities and individuals. The founders’ conviction that tangible, sustainable and immediate improvements in people’s lives could be achieved through awareness, focus and resource development. The program has been a remarkable success with an awe-inspiring list of achievements. The project enables everyone to contribute something back to the global community.


Wealth Creation in The Gambia: http://ow.ly/mZ6XM


Volunteers can share their business skills to enable Gambian people to build better livelihoods. Work with an internationally recognized association to help create local wealth – through trade, not aid. Aiming to assist and support small-scale enterprises in tourism to trade fairly and pursue sustainable development, this project will also contribute to conservation of the physical environment and the social and economic welfare of the community.


Gorilla Research Expedition in Cameroon: http://ow.ly/mZ76l


Track Cross River Gorillas, one of the world’s 25 most endangered wildlife species through dense jungles and forests and carry out vital research. The community education is focused on similar topics including the importance of gorillas and chimps to the economy of the local community. Volunteers will help promote women’s roles in conservation and development through training and support of women programs, and to combat deforestation, land degradation and desertification.


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