The Epic of Japan’s Sake

January, 2010, New York City, New York: As the holiday drinking time is over, it is time to change your glass from beer and wine to Japanese sake. For those who look for the winter gourmet pastime, Niigata has it all. This northwestern region of Honshu Island is one of the best sake countries in Japan with the high quality of rice, pure natural water, and lower temperature that creates exquisite texture and flavor of sake.


Since 2004, Niigata’s Sake Brewery Association holds Niigata’s sake exhibition, Sake-no-Jin (the Home of Niigata Sake). In the two-day event on March 13 and 14, the event reflects their commitment and devotion to the industry, featuring not only over 500 labels of Niigata’s sake, and introducing their new sake of the year to gourmands and sommeliers alike. The exhibition is accompanied with the regions’ fresh seafood dishes that are specifically prepared and cooked to match the local sake. The two day event expects some 70,000 visitors every year for sake seminars and tasting of each brewer’s fresh sake from this year’s barrel.

For more information of Sake-no-Jin event, go to (Japanese only).

Niigata’s Sake
The tradition of superior sake brewing has been inherited to younger generations, and the craftsmanship has been very committed to quality control and culinary culture.

Among many labels of Japanese sake, Niigata’s sake is one of the highly regarded: Its clean, smooth and gracious flavor, which is produced by the region’s pure water and high quality Japanese rice. In addition, the region has a fortunate climate for sake brewing because of the heavy winter snow that purifies the air that keeps sake as pure as possible, the superior quality of rice, and the local pure water. The heavy snow keeps the temperature low day and night, and the stable low temperature is advantageous for slow yet steady brewing of the ingredients. All these combined, Niigata’s sake is processed with the top quality of each ingredient.

With the local commitment and devotion to the tradition of sake brewing industry, Niigata’s breweries are open for public viewing and some even offer brewery tours to foreign visitors.

Japan National Tourism Organization

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