The Museum of the Good Samaritan Opens in the Judean Desert in Israel

The Museum of the Good Samaritan, one of the world’s largest mosaic museums, opened to the public this month in the Judean Desert near Jerusalem. Located on the main highway between Jerusalem and Jericho, the Museum rests near the site of the inn mentioned in the New Testament’s parable of the good Samaritan. It is identified with the biblical town of Ma’ale Adumim and displays mosaics and artifacts discovered throughout Israel.

Good Samaritan







“The Museum of the Good Samaritan will provide additional inspiration to travelers arriving in Israel this summer,” says Oded Grofman, Consul for Tourism and Director, Israel Government Tourist Office – Canada, “and will serve as an exciting new attraction enabling visitors to examine ancient relics from twenty centuries ago.”

The museum also features an open-air display of mosaics and archaeological findings from both Jewish and Samaritan synagogues and Christian churches, including cisterns and remnants from the reconstructed Good Samaritan Byzantine Church.

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