Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges Announces Tour Programs Enhanced by Wildlife Activity and Noteworthy Climate

QUITO, ECUADOR, February, 2011 – Ecuador‚s leading sustainable hospitality company for active adventure announces three tour options ranging from five to 12 days that are particularly suited to September / October travel.

Why the focus on September and October?

Hernan Rodas, the visionary founder and owner of Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges (, explains that cooler, dryer air and lower water temperatures prevail in these months in the Galapagos and regions of mainland Ecuador. These conditions make for good sightings of sea lions with pups while snorkeling and diving. Manta ray congregate for plankton that arrives on colder currents. Giant tortoises are still nesting and laying eggs, Galapagos penguins are friskier than usual while hammerhead sharks school in greater numbers. Most species of sea birds are active at their nesting sites providing prime viewing. And off the mainland coast in a region called Ruta del Sol it‚s high season for both surfing and humpback whale encounters.

„All reasons enough to consider a Galapagos / Ecuador vacation in the fall which is generally a quieter time for us,‰ Rodas says.

Temperatures in the high 60s to mid-70‚s stimulate efforts to climb and trek, activities that might seem daunting when it‚s hot or wet, plus it‚s a great time to surf mainland beaches, he noted, adding that there‚s more lodging inventory, fewer people at popular sites and throughout the country and off-peak pricing in restaurants and shops.

Following are three suggested tour options from Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges that are particularly suited to September and October travel:

Galapagos: Land & Sea Dive Adventure

6 days/5 nights: This package is for the novice to intermediate diver who gets to experience up to eight two-tank dives along with interpretive nature hikes, snorkeling and off-time lounging on the beach or exploring the streets of Puerto Villamil. From $2,300 per person, double. Red Mangrove Dive Center provides all equipment except dive computers which can be rented.

Mainland Ecuador: Ruta del Sol Adventure

5 days/4 nights: Nature lovers can explore unique dry forests and cloud forests with rare fauna / flora, snorkel coral reefs surrounded by exotic sea life, observe numerous bird species and swim and surf in warm waters off isolated beaches. Guests stay at the 11 room Red Mangrove Samai Lodge, a relaxing jungle inn and wellness spa. From $880 per person, double.

Galapagos/Mainland Combo: Extraordinary Ecuador

12 days/11 nights: A comprehensive package that combines quality time on three Galapagos islands and mainland Pacific beaches. From $4,300 per person, double. Rates include accommodations, most meals, English-speaking naturalist-guides, all domestic flights from start to finish, airport and ferry transfers, all required gear and service charge. There is a 25% discount for children under 10 years old. Departures may be scheduled year-round.

On these and other packages offered by Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges, while in the islands guests stay at the company‚s eco lodges. In other locations they enjoy the hospitality of boutique hotels and jungle lodges, their colorful hosts and the area‚s most popular activities that Rodas has meticulously sourced.

Rodas is a native of Ecuador. For him, sharing his country with newcomers is more than a business; it‚s an honor and a passion. „Especially for Americans, Ecuador is so easy to access, there‚s minimal jet lag from time zones, and a topographical diversity within a few hours any direction that‚s unique in the world,‰ says Rodas. This one-stop-shopping package relies on Rodas‚ knowledge of Ecuador‚s hidden gems and what do and see en route and at each site.

About Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges

Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges in 2007 introduced a land-based alternative to exploring the Galapagos that heretofore was a cruise-only destination. While it may be best known for its upscale lodging and dive operations in the Galapagos, recent expansion has made it a leader in mainland Ecuador hospitality as well. With upscale waterfront lodges strategically situated on Santa Cruz, Isabela and Floreana, it is the only company offering high quality, branded accommodations and services on multiple islands in the Galapagos and across mainland Ecuador. Because it is land-based, Red Mangrove can offer a more extensive roster of activities and more flexibility than traditional cruise options.

The customary way to experience Red Mangrove‚s Galapagos hospitality is to spend a number of nights on each island accessed by small boat and/or aircraft. With 14 guest rooms, Aventura Lodge on Santa Cruz is distinguished by its architectural design which blends its mangrove forest and seafront environments tastefully and responsibly. Separated from the ocean by a white sand, palm-lined beach, Isabela Lodge offers eight rooms outside the fisherman‚s village of Puerto Villamil on one of the most volcanically active islands on Earth. Red Mangrove Floreana Lodge is a gathering of 10 private pine cottages just a five minute walk from the village of Puerto Velasco Ibarra (population 150). Red Mangrove Divers Lodge Santa Cruz has 11 rooms near the Red Mangrove Dive Academy. Red Mangrove Isabela Divers Lodge features 5-rooms adjacent to scenic Puerto Villamil. On the mainland coast of Ecuador Samai Lodge with 11 rooms is an inn-and-spa suited for recollection, relaxation and wellness surrounded by the sounds of the jungle and crashing surf.

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