ECUADOR TAKES PREVENTIVE MEASURES DURING TSUNAMI ALERT – Temporary Relocation of Residents and Visitors in the Galapagos Islands and Coastal Areas

NEW YORK – March 11, 2011– Ecuador’s President, Rafael Correa, declared the country in a state of emergency after 20 countries in the Americas were placed under a Tsunami warning following the 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan this morning. Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism in coordination with local emergency authorities is working on temporarily relocating residents and tourists located along the beach areas in the five coastal provinces of Ecuador – Guayas, Santa Elena, Manabí, Esmeraldas and El Oro – as well as the Galapagos Islands in a preventive measure aimed to ensure the safety everyone.

It is expected that a possible tsunami will reach the Galapagos Islands at approximately 10:30 pm this evening and the Ecuadorian coast by 12:30 am.

Ecuador’s local tourism industry is being asked to work with the Ministry of Tourism to temporarily relocate all people currently located in beach areas along Ecuador’s coastline and the Galapagos Islands to higher ground.

Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism is currently recommending the following:

All should abstain from traveling to Ecuador’s Coastal zones until further notice

All hotels and travel agencies should temporarily suspend tourism activities in tourism areas located on the coast until further notice

All air traffic to and from Esmeraldas, Baltra, Manta, San Cristóbal and the Galapagos is temporarily suspended until further notice

All ships and boats in the Galapagos are to move at least 5 miles away from the coast.

Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism is working on the following:

Temporary emergency shelters are being built in case they are needed.

The Ministry of Tourism is working with the National Police to ensure all tourism destinations remain safe and evacuation measurements are being taken.

The Ministry of Tourism is currently working with the US and Canadian Embassies in Ecuador on communicating the latest developments and relocation of tourists and residents in the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador’s Coastal areas.

For additional information on Ecuador, please visit the Ministry of Tourism’s official tourism website

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