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Parliamentarians of Afghanistan Demand Pak-Afghan Border as Visa Free Zone

By Agha Iqrar Haroon: DispatchNewsDesk Development Observer for Central Asia and Eastern Europe Islamabad: Politicians, civil society, parliamentarians and journalists of Afghanistan have demanded Pak-Afghan border as visa free zone as 50,000 (fifty thousands) people cross this border daily illegally. In a Two-days Pakistan-Afghanistan Bilateral Conference 2013 that has started here on December 13, 2013 in [...]

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The One and Only Afghan National Park – Band-e-Amir

New Band-e-Amir national park is the only national park in Afghanistan. The aim of the park is to protect the wildlife as well as lure travelers. Afghanistan is a world known country, but certainly not as a tourism destination. This big state is continuously a place where foreign powers fight their wars. There was the [...]

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Tough sell: Touring audacious Afghanistan

Sanjeev Gupta thinks it’s about time war-torn Afghanistan had a tourism industry in a peaceful corner of the country. Gupta, a regional program manager for the nongovernmental organization, the Aga Khan Foundation, says that even though some areas are too volatile to visit, Bamiyan in central Afghanistan is safe and has an abundance of cultural, [...]

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Afghanistan: Not Lost, But Needs More Attention

By Mohammad M. Stanekzai Synopsis This USIPeace Briefing discusses Afghanistan's challenges and proposes solutions in economic development, project implementation, coordination and security. The briefing was prepared in anticipation of the June 2008 Paris donors conference to renew commitments to the country and discuss the Afghan National Development Strategy.

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Afghanistan: Tourism as drive train of the economical development

By Ulf Amann eTurbonews Somebody (still) knows Afghanistan as a hippie trail journey destination. But since 1979 the impressive landscapes and evidences of a varied past have been out of reach for tourism. In the regions of central Asia tourism booms – but Afghanistan's tourism potential is unexploited, which also constitutes a disadvantage for tourism [...]

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Socially Responsible “REALITY TOURS” to Afghanistan, China, Venezuela and Syria/Lebanon

Global Exchange offers travelers the opportunity to create people-to-people ties as they meet with human rights, environmental, and women’s groups; visit schools, health clinics, and Fair Trade cooperatives; and see important historical and cultural sites

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Afghanistan: Breathtaking, Way Off the Beaten Track and Open for Travel Tourism Gains with Improving Stability

Though Afghanistan’s south remains dangerous, in the north and west one can see breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures. Among them: Kabul; Bamiyan; Balkh, terminus of the Silk Road where Alexander the Great married; and Herat, site of ancient architecture and the contemporary Literary Circle where women organized to study, defying the Taliban.” So says Matthew [...]

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Afghanistan waits for tourists

In the 1960s and 1970s, Afghanistan was part of the hippie trail, a magnet for stoned backpackers seeking nirvana. Well-heeled tourists also came to visit. Afghanistan’s rugged terrain was ideal for mountaineering expeditions and hunting trips, and rich collectors could stock up on antiques and fine carpets.  

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Rebuilding Afghanistan’s Tourism Infrastructure

“We once had 500-700,000 people visiting the country a year.  Many came to ski, some for luxury hunting trips,” recalled Captain Bashit Akbaryar, a Senior Pilot with Ariana, Afghanistan’s national airline.  In those heady days 30 years ago when a King still ruled Afghanistan, he explained, women wore mini-skirts in any of Kabul’s 7 nightclubs, [...]

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