Jamaican Festivals

An average person’s first association to Jamaica is probably reggae music. One of the greatest Jamaican singers, Bob Marley, made sure that the whole world got to know Jamaica through popular songs on love and fight for freedom.

This wonderful island in the Caribbean is a destination coveted by many adventurous travelers. There are many ways to get there: trusting expert travel and leisure organizations, like Thomson Holidays, to organize your whole trip, or booking the cheapest flight to Kingston and improvising the rest (accommodation, food, etc.) when you get there.

Regardless of how you chose to travel, you’re certainly in for a wild time in Jamaica, because some of the most exciting festivals happen to be organized right on this island.

From Music and Visual Arts to Coffee, Food and Fashion

Similar to other fun-loving Latin American nations, the Jamaicans know how to celebrate. On August 6, which is their Independence Day, people come out in streets dressed in colourful costumes, dancing, singing and parading merrily all the way to their National stadium where festivities are held.

They similarly celebrate the Carnival, a week-long festival of popular music, parade, dancing and enjoying life. Carnival is celebrated throughout the island and is held one week before Easter.

Music fans will have a wonderful time at Jamaican music festivals. There is the Kingston’s Heineken Startime that happens in wintertime and hosts the most popular ska, rock, reggae and hip hop musicians. International Reggae Day is held in July and aside from concerts, the organizers also offer workshops, lectures, talent searches and many other interesting musical events.

Not allowing tourists any chance to rest, Jamaicans organize another reggae festival in August, in Montego Bay. It’s called Reggae Sumfest and promises a week of wonderful partying.

Jamaicans are not all about music, though. They have wonderful sports, food, literature, film and fashion festivals as well.

Fishing, golf and surfing are very popular in Jamaica. Each fall the island welcomes fishing contestants from all over the world to compete in two very popular fishing competitions, Falmouth Blue Marlin and Port Antonio International. May is the month of the Mojo 6 Golf Tournament, June’s reserved for the World Championship in Dominoes and Makka Pro Surf Contest is in July.

Food lovers should not miss Kingston’s All Jamaican Grill-off in June, where grill experts show off their skills in cooking very large pieces of meat.

Readers and writers can enjoy literary events each May at the Calabash International Literary Festival, while movie fans should check out the Reggae Film Festival in Montego Bay, where organizers show art films from around the world.

Jamaica is home to many more interesting events, but this should be enough to get you starting to pack for this Caribbean paradise.



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